Geek Out Commentary: Home Alone

As a special Christmas Eve gift, the Geek Out gang presents you guys with a special commentary release for Home Alone! The first two Home Alone films figured prominently in the boys childhoods as they were the perfect age for it when it was first released. However, while Chris has seen the film fairly recently, Sam and Jake haven't revisited it in roughly a decade. Does it hold up for them? Find out here...

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Merry Christmas everyone! With 2014 drawing to a close, we've decided to take a look back on our favorite...well, everything! Listen as we share our favorite films, TV shows, music, comic books, and video games from this year! Also, we discuss the controversy surrounded the Sony Pictures hack and the fate of The Interview. Finally, we also bid a warm farewell to Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson, two of our favorite hosts of late night.

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