Fresh off our interview with Meredith Gran, we sit down and talk about the first collection of her web-comic, Octopus Pie. Listen as the gang talks about how even nine years after its initial publication, it still holds up. Listen to Chris relate to the comic after his own time living in New York City. Listen to Jake talk about the storytelling purity of comic strips. All this and what the gang thinks of this 200+ page slice of Octopus Pie.

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We're pretty sure the pun in the episode title has been used/paraphrased before but you don't listen to these things for the title, do you (Do you?)? For nearly a decade, Meredith Gran has been creating the adventures of several 20-somethings trying to survive Brooklyn (Before Girls, might we add!) in her web-comic Octopus Pie and the first volume of the series is getting collected by Image Comics on Wednesday, February 17! The boys talk to her about the comic, what may be coming around the bend for its 10th anniversary, their mutual love of David Bowie, and find out that she's not a metalhead as they mistakingly assume! Also, the gang looks back on the lives and careers of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

Octopus Pie Volume 1 will be available in bookstores and comic shops everywhere on Wednesday, February 17.

To read new (And old) strips of Octopus Pie, check out the web-comic's website here

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