Geek Out Commentary: Superman and the Mole Men

Well, we've already done commentaries for the all the theatrically released Batman feature films, so now, as a countdown to the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we're doing commentaries for all of Superman's! While most folks assume Superman's theatrical feature film history started with Christopher Reeve, it was actually started two decades before with George Reeves as the first feature film Man of Steel in Superman and the Mole Men. Released as a backdoor pilot for The Adventures of Superman television series and as a means to recoup production costs, Superman and the Mole Men really is just a longer episode of the series that it launched (And aired as such shortly thereafter), but hey, we did Star Wars: The Clone Wars and that was pretty much the same deal (We are completionists, after all). So sit back and watch and listen along as we revisit Superman and the Mole Men!

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