Sam and Jake dive into what Jake considers his favorite Beatles album and a tremendous leap forward for the Fab Four. With an unexpected three months of free time in the studio, the band took the opportunity to experiment with songwriting and recording techniques. Listen as the duo discusses Paul McCartney's rise as the dominant songwriting presence within the band, the stylistic split between John Lennon and Paul with this album's sound, and the various anecdotes and inspirations from the Revolver sessions. Also listen to what Jake suggests may be his favorite Beatles song of all time and what Sam thinks of the song that inspired the title to this miniseries.

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Another text-based movie review by Sam:
While Richard Linklater broke into the mainstream with Dazed and Confused in 1993, he's been known for making much more serious and dramatic films as his career progressed, Boyhood and the Before Sunrise trilogy being the prime examples. Sure, he directed School of Rock back in 2003 and Bernie in 2011 but he also directed the Bad News Bears remake in 2005 which was maybe not the best thing in the whole world...
As advertised, his latest flick, Everybody Wants Some!! (The dopey title being a reference to Van Halen), is in many ways a spiritual sequel to both Dazed and Confused as the 1993 stoner-comedy took place in a high school in the suburbs of Austin during 1976 while this flick takes place at an unnamed Texas college in the final days of summer in 1980. There are also cues from Boyhood which ended with its main character arriving at college and meeting a girl (albeit in present day) which is approximately how Everybody Wants Some!! begins.
Blake Jenner plays Jake, an incoming freshmen moving into college on a baseball scholarship set in that golden, carefree weekend before classes actually begin. Jake moves into the baseball houses and finds himself in the midst of a pack of fun-loving alpha males that love competing amongst themselves, baseball, booze, and girls. And, as all the college students begin moving back in, every night features a different party with a different theme all set to Linklater's killer period-appropriate classic rock soundtrack.
College, in many ways, offers a fresh start after the years of calcification that the personality goes through through middle school and high school. It's usually a new environment and largely new cast of characters, the familiar trappings stripped away to allow for reinvention. We don't really know Jake and boys before college but we do see the common threads that bind them together immediately in college and we see them try on different variations of their college personas without altering their core (They're always looking to get drunk and fuck, guys) and always with that self-assured swagger.
Just like the weekend its characters are having, Everybody Wants Some!! is a hell of a lot of fun and very funny. Sure, there are the occasional moments of introspection that everyone has between (or during) a bender but Linklater doesn't dwell on them too much; he's more interested in having his characters and, by extension, the audience just have a great time and he totally succeeds on that measure. A rollicking look back at those days when every weekend of college felt like its own adventure without being weighted down by the drama that would occasionally show up. My favorite film of the year so far.
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This is a big humdinger of an episode as the gang invites Josh Williamson (Nailbiter, Ghosted, Birthright) on to the show to talk about his current books from his creator-owned Image Comics series, Nailbiter, to his miniseries for Disney's The Haunted Mansion. We also talk his upcoming run on The Flash for DC Comics, his past career as a comics retailer, and some of the bizarre sights in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

Without missing a beat after the interview, the boys then talk about the life and legacy of His Royal Badness, Prince. The gang reflects on how his career impacted their lives along with some urban legends and anecdotes involving the Purple One. A very full discussion this week.

Nailbiter #21 is out in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, May 4; the first four volumes collecting the series' first twenty issues are out now.

The Haunted Mansion #3 is out in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, May 18.

 The Flash #1 is out in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, June 22.

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Another text-based review from Sam!

There's something I find really cool and genuine about minimalist, relatively low budget sci fi films (Looper, Ex Machina, 10 Cloverfield Lane). They kind of capture that DYI aesthetic and science fiction rooted in emotion readily present in Bradbury books and sci fi flicks from the 70s and 80s (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Starman, ET: The Extraterrestrial) that just aren't around all that much anymore and I connect with so much more than the bigger budget fare (Oblivion, Tomorrowland). Midnight Special definitely falls in the former group.
Midnight Special has wayward old friends Roy and Lucas (Played by Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton, respectively) teaming up to covertly escort Roy's son, Alton, to an unspecified location in the American South. Roy's young son is capable of some particularly unique feats and he has a mysterious date with destiny that Roy knows his sickly son needs to make.
The furtive nature of their journey is one of necessity: Alton is being hunted by the federal government (Led by Adam Driver as bookish NSA agent, Paul) who view Alton as a weapon, a Waco-themed cult who view him as their savior, and local authorities who think Roy just up and kidnapped his kid from his adoptive couple. Roy and Lucas quietly brandish guns as every pair of headlights could be a different hunter. And those Texan roads sure seem to stretch on forever after dark.
At its core, Midnight Special is at once a story about ordinary people forced to deal with scenarios beyond their natural comprehension and a metaphor for parenthood; Roy has to protect his son from the outside world and then ultimately let him go for whatever fate has in store for him out of his control.
The entire cast brings their A-game and the film is expertly shot; the constraints on the film due to budget are never really felt, not even in the special effects shots. Midnight Special is a performance-driven chase film with sci fi influences running deep. Beautifully paced, shot, and performed, the film doesn't answer all the questions it asks but (I suppose like parenthood) that was never really the goal. A great low budget indie sci fi film (That was a lot of adjectives) and worth checking out if like that sort of sub-genre.
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This week, the boys talk about the first volume of Rebels by Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti and published by Dark Horse Comics. The book follows the story of a young couple drawn into the American Revolution; their remote homestead in the backwoods of Vermont not isolated enough to keep them from the horrors of the war between the Thirteen Colonies and the British Crown. Listen as the gang talks about the book and their own interests in the time period. 


Rebels Vol 1 collects the series' first ten issues and will be available in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, May 4.

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After an interlude for Chris' birthday, the gang is back to doing commentaries for the X-Men films in anticipation of X-Men: Apocalypse this time with the franchise's first prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Upon its initial release in 2009, the Wolverine-centric flick divided audience's and came out under the cloud of a mass leak with the workprint going online ahead of the release. Now that seven years have passed (With another Wolverine solo film and reboot of Deadpool now out in the world) what do the boys think of it? Watch along and listen to find out!

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Jake is back to talk about Kiss' third studio album, Dressed to Kill, and he's brought his friend, Kyle, to go over the last record before Kiss really hit the big time. Listen as they discuss the album's production quality, the history (Kisstory?) behind some of the songs, and how they think the record holds up both musically and within the legacy of the self-proclaimed greatest band in the land as the album features a track that would go on to become Kiss' most widely recognized tune. Strap yourselves in for this month's latest Kisstory lesson!

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The boys are back talking about the first trailers for Star Wars: Rogue One and Doctor Strange and the latest trailer for Suicide Squad. Hear what trailers have the gang pumped so far this year and which...don't. Also, Jake talks about his experiences in Seattle for Emerald City Comic-Con and Josh compares Quantum Break to Tom Clancy's The Division! Chock full of geeky goodness this week!

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Jake and Sam are back with another advance book review for Image Comics, this time talking about Farel Dalrymple's Pop Gun War. The boys talk about the book's tone, surreal imagery, and Jake's great admiration for Dalrymple's art style. Listen to find out more what the boys think of the first volume of the emotionally resonant series.

Pop Gun War: Gift out in comic book shops and Comixology on Wednesday, May 11!

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As a birthday interlude in the middle of the X-Men commentaries, Chris has selected the Christopher Nolan's The Prestige as his birthday film of 2015 (And we still keep the Hugh Jackman streak going!). An adaptation of the Christopher Priest novel of the same name, The Prestige had been in development alongside Insomnia but Nolan tabled the film when he got the nod to do Batman Begins. Reunited with that film's Christian Bale and Michael Caine, he adapted the tale of dueling magicians in the late 19th century and convinced David Bowie to take what would be his final film role. Listen as the boys revisit this overlooked classic!

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