A second book review this week! This time the boys talk about Scooter Girl by Chynna Clugston Flores! A love letter to mod culture complete with a groovy soundtrack and killer fashion sense, Chynna's remastered miniseries is a screwball dark comedy following one man about town that crosses paths with the one woman that always trips him up! Listen to what the boys thought of it!

The remastered Scooter Girl is out Wednesday, February 15!

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This is a bookend of sorts as the gang had previously reviewed the debut issue of Eclipse back when the series was just a miniseries! Now a full-fledged ongoing, Sam and Jake revisit the series and its story of a serial killer in a world where the sun kills all it shines a light on as it's collected in its first volume and talk about the book from its infamous sun-kills to the bonus content within!

Volume One of Eclipse is out Wednesday, February 15!

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