In this special episode, the gang talks to Jermaine Boyd who has launched a Kickstarter for his indie comic book series Amelia Sky! A post-apocalyptic search for family in the face of an extraterrestrial end of the world, the campaign is up to finish and distribute the series' second issue and get some headway on its third! Listen as Jermaine talks to the boys about the series and the campaign!

To help with the Kickstarter campaign, visit their site here!

To learn more about the series, visit their site here!

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Sam launches his new special series with his buddy Zach discussing the history and their memories behind classic video games of yesteryear! They decide to kick it all off with the most recognizable figure in video games, Mario, and his debut in 1981's Donkey Kong, the arcade game that launched Nintendo as a video game juggernaut! Listen to them talk all about here!

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