In a special pre-NYCC episode, the boys talk to Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus about their upcoming Image Comics miniseries Void Trip! The psychedelic science fiction adventure follows a couple stoners being pursued by the law as they journey to a planetary nirvana. Listen as the duo talk about the book's origins and themes!

Void Trip debuts on Wednesday, November 22 in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology! And come visit them at NYCC!

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This week, the boys have an advance review of Void Trip by Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus! The psychedelic, interstellar road trip follows a couple of stoner space-hippies as they're pursued with by the authorities while venturing towards a bohemian planetary paradise. Listen to what the boys think of the debut issue!

Void Trip debuts in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, November 22!

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