This week, the boys have a review of The Dead Hand by Kyle Higgins and Stephen Mooney with colors by Jordie Bellaire! The Cold War espionage-tinged thriller follows a highly decorated intelligence officer as he discovers an old Soviet secret that threatens to end the world. Listen to what Sam and Jake think of the debut issue!

The Dead Hand is out now!

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This week, the boys have a special review of Boom! Studios' new RoboCop miniseries, RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest! The story, by Brian Wood and Jorge Coelho, takes place decades after the classic 1987 film and sees a resurgent OCP that has made conventional law enforcement obsolete with social media apps that turn reporting crime into a augmented reality game. So how do the former police of Detroit adapt? And where is the once and former Alex Murphy?

RoboCop: Citizen's Arrest is out now!

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Make sure to check out our predictions before listening:

The GCW Mark Predictions Championship title has returned home to Virginia! Hear what Chris, Tim, and Steve have to say about this year's Wrestlemania. And also, who will be the inaugural GCW MVP champ? Listen to find out!

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