Coming back for his fourth appearance, comic creator Jim Rugg returns to his Street Angel trifecta with two brand new stories in Street Angel Goes to Juvie and the FCBD special Street Angel’s Dog along with a new edition of Street Angel Afterschool Kung Fu Special! 

Street Angel Goes to Juvie out May 2!

Street Angel’s Dog out May 5!

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A Street Angel two-fer with the latest Street Angel adventure by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca I’m Street Angel Goes to Juvie and the Free Comic Day Special Street Angel’s Dog! Sam and Jake discuss the two books and how they serve both as standalone great entry point adventures starring the Deadliest Girl Alive and continue her saga as the title character is sent off to a juvenile detention facility in one tale and adopts a lost dog in another!

Street Angel Goes to Juvie is out on May 2! 

Street Angel’s Dog is out on May 5!

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