The start of a Geek Out Podcast miniseries! Jake is looking back on the enormously successful Lethal Weapon franchise starting with the first one! As a special guest, Jake's oldest, best buddy Kevin joins him to discuss growing up with the film and the star-making performance that Mel Gibson delivers in the quintessential buddy cop flick! Listen and enjoy!

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The gang is fresh off Halloween and recount some of their ghoulish activities. The gang talks premieres of Supergirl and Ash vs. the Evil Dead while Jake talks about watching the Bradley Cooper film Burnt. Josh talks Halo 5: Guardians which leads to a wider discussion about Microsoft's iconic video game franchise. And find out what it takes to have a bigger pair than Sam's dad. 

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Geek Out Commentary: GoldenEye

After a month-long Halloween interlude, we're back to our countdown to SPECTRE with two more James Bond commentaries. First up, we have Pierce Brosnan's debut as the venerable British superspy bringing his first modern adventure to Post-Cold War audiences! GoldenEye was the first Bond film for many of our generation and often held up in high regard because of it...but what do we think of it now? You know the name, you know the number. Accept no substitutes.

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