Josh is flying solo this time around with the latest episode of Reminiscent Evil! After the success of Resident Evil: Degeneration, Capcom commissioned a second full-length animated film set in the same continuity as the popular video game franchise that inspired it. Listen as Josh recounts the events of the film, what he likes about it, and what he doesn't! After this, it's back to live-action with an upcoming RETRIBUTION!

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This is the first in what will hopefully become a series of text-based movie reviews. First up, Hardcore Henry:
Look, if you're coming to this Hardcore Henry review expecting a full-on serious meditation on film with measured critiques on its story and the thespian ability of its cast, I don't know what to tell you. If you've accepted that both of those components don't figure too prominently in this flick, let's continue.
As the promotional materials have suggested, Hardcore Henry takes place entirely from the first-person perspective of its title character filmed entirely using GoPro cameras as a tip of the hat to first-person shooter fans (Like the climax of Doom but good!). The film is a long chase of sorts with Henry escaping from the skybound lab he awakens to the streets of Moscow and the surrounding countryside. As such, when the action is firing on all cylinders, so is the film but when it isn't, it's usually an absolute drag as the movie sets up its next action set piece.
But where Hardcore Henry really excels is when it channels Mirror's Edge more than Call of Duty. The first-person shooter sequences are fine with a madcap gunfight in an abandoned building that looks like a used Expendables set being the particular standout but the parkour and free-running sequences are the set pieces that take the most advantage of the first-person perspective precisely because, as a remarkably low-budget feature, there's someone actually performing these stunts without the safety provisos of a big studio picture.
Obviously some edits and sequences are not exactly what they appear to be but some of the more notable ones (Landing on a motorcycle in the midst of a car chase, rappelling down the face of a building, engaging an enemy with a flamethrower) definitely are. As a sort of host to the proceedings is District 9's Sharlto Copley (Who also co-produced) ushering the protagonist through the events in a whole myriad of unhinged personas. If Spy Kids 3D had the Brotherhood of Evil Stallones, Hardcore Henry features the Legion of Sharlto Copleys each distinctly different from the last. I knocked the film in my opening paragraph for not having a whole hell of a lot of thespian cred (And outside of him, it definitely doesn't) but Copley is an absolute joy in the film and clearly having a blast as he elevates the material whenever he's on screen.
Less effective is the film's antagonist who basically fulfills the textbook definition of Eurotrash with long, bleached blonde hair, a thick accent, bad turtleneck, and an omnipresent sneer as he chews the scenery like an all you can eat buffet. Also, he has Force powers because why the hell not.
As a mainly Russian production, it features a lot of the tropes common in post-Soviet bloc cinema with graphic, unflinching violence, darkly lit cinematography, an electronic pulsating score, nihilistic undertones (And overtones, really), and a pitch black sense of humor. This is readily apparent from the stylized opening titles.
Hardcore Henry is an intense, brutal little flick (Though not without its own twisted sense of humor) that provides a very unique perspective (Pun somewhat intended) on the action genre. The story is perfunctory and whenever it focuses more on that instead of the action, it loses steam faster than a hot air balloon. Sharlto Copley injects some much-needed life into the flick with a wink and a raised middle finger (Sometimes literally). I don't know if this film will be heavily remembered for years to come but it does feel like an instant cult classic and offers a cool twist on the action genre, just don't expect too much outside of that core gimmick.
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The gang is back with another interview this time with John Layman, creator of the hit Image Comics series, Chew! John talks about the upcoming final arc of the series, working with co-creator Rob Guillory, and provides an update of sorts about the adaptation of the book. John also teases an upcoming project that is a dream crossover for the boys and talks about his experience working with Late Show host Stephen Colbert! Plenty of interview goodness this week!

Chew: Demon Chicken Poyo out on Wednesday, April 20! 

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Sam is flying solo with the advance book review this week this time taking a look at the debut issue of Peter Tomasi and Ian Bertram's House of Penance with Dark Horse Comics. Sam tries to keep this quick review as spoiler free as possible while discussing the historical influences of the book, Tomasi's comic writing career, and what Bertram's art reminds him of. 

House of Penance #1 is out in comic shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, April 13!

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X-Men: The Last Stand, while the most commercially successful in the series until X-Men: Days of Future Past, split audiences about the quality of the film itself. A lot of that criticism may have to do with the fact that three different directors were attached to the production of the film from script to screen which was rushed to theaters on Memorial Day weekend 2006. Sam and Chris both regard the film as watchable...but they've made that assertion before. Does the third X-Men film still hold up as well as they remember or as poorly as Jake and Josh remember? Watch along and listen to find out!

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Chris and Ken are back at it again! The theme of this episode: Time Travel! From Back to the Future to Bill and Ted, even all the way to The Terminator, these guys got them!

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As promised, the gang is back debating the merits of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Daredevil Season 2! See which of the quartet loves the film, which enjoys it well enough, and which find it a middling effort at best. Find out which moment of the film induced tears in one of the Geek Out gang, which moment was Sam's favorite Superman scene in the whole film, and where the boys think the franchise will go next. Also, listen for a more extensive discussion on Daredevil's second season with more talk about the Punisher and Elektra!

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The gang is back with a new advance book review, this time with the Image Comics series I Hate Fairyland by superstar artist Skottie Young. I Hate Fairyland marks Young's debut with Image and the boys talk about the first volume collecting the series first five issues. Listen along and hear what the gang thinks of the book!

I Hate Fairyland, Volume 1 out everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, April 20!

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After the surprise success of 2000's success kicking off the revival of superhero movies in the mainstream, Bryan Singer returned with a bigger budget, more epic story, and larger cast to make the 2003 sequel. Inspired by one his favorite films, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Singer thrust Marvel's Merry Mutants in a story that was darker, more violent, and have someone pay the ultimate price. Sam often regards this film as his personal favorite of the original trilogy but what do the rest of the Geek Out gang think of it? Watch along and listen to find out!

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Sam and Jake are back talking about the first album in what Sam refers to as the Fab Four's middle period. With touring beginning to wind down and Beatlemania subsiding, The Beatles began to grow more comfortable with pushing themselves in their songwriting and experimenting with different elements within the recording studio...experimenting with more drugs too! Rubber Soul marks John Lennon's last major presence as the dominant force within the band, the official songwriting debut of Ringo Starr, and the documented beginnings of George Harrison's love of Indian culture. Strap yourselves in, The Beatles are taking things to the next level!

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