The exploration of the makeup-less era of Kiss continues with Jake bringing back fellow Geek Out co-host Sam back on the show to talk about the band's 1987 studio album Crazy Nights. A response to the rise of arena rock and the growing popularity of counterparts like Van Halen, Crazy Nights sees the band trying to find their identity yet again. Listen as the boys go track-by-track for this one.

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Ryan Nichols returns to the show this time directly joining the boys in the studio providing an update on the successfully Kickstarted Delta anthology (Which marked his first appearance on the show) and other projects he has in the works. From there, the gang talks all manner of geeky things to ring in the New Year!

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This week, Sam flies solo talking about Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman's new Image Comics series The Few! A post-apocalyptic survival tale in the finest Mad Max tradition, the story follows a ragtag group on the run with a mysterious baby in a gas mask in tow that could change the world. Listen to hear what Sam thought of it!

The Few debuts in comic book shops everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, January 18!

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