About this time last year, the boys reviewed the first volume of the award-winning Pop Gun War by Farel Dalrymple and now the gang is reviewing the second volume this time around! A jam session exploring past, present, and future with the return of familiar faces across Dalrymple's bibliography, listen to that the boys think of this sophomore volume.

Pop Gun War: Chain Letter is out in comic books stores everywhere on Wednesday, June 14!

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Five years have past since young Tommy Jarvis saved his sister from the attack from killer, Jason Voorhees. Time has not been kind to Tommy and he’s found himself being shipped to Pinehurst Halfway House. While there, a troubled youth murders a fellow resident. This tragic event seems to kickstart a rash of violent deaths in the surrounding area but all seem to be focused around the halfway house. Could Jason be back to enact his revenge on poor Tommy Jarvis?

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This week, the boys welcome back Joe Harris and Megan Hutchison to discuss the opening story arc of their Image Comics series ROCKSTARS, tease what's to come in the heavy metal-centric second arc this summer, and listen as Sam makes an embarrassing admission and alienates the show's one Icelandic listener! Also, the gang talks The Fate of the Furious!

Rockstars: Nativity in Blacklight is out in comic book shops everywhere and Comixology on Wednesday, June 14!

Megan's original graphic novel, Vesna, is available through her website here!

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This week, Sam and Jake talk about the first volume of Rockstars by Joe Harris and Megan Hutchison, Nativity in Blacklight! A celebration of the golden age of rock and roll in the 1970s along with its dark secrets and urban legends, this volume collects the series' first five issues! Listen what the boys think of it and what makes the 1970s so well-suited for rock and roll!

Rockstars: Nativity in Blacklight is out in comic book stores everywhere and on Comixology on Wednesday, June 14!

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